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Daniele Gallo

Daniele Gallo
Ricercatore Art. 24 C.3 Lett. B L. 240/2010

Aree di ricerca: Environment and Sustainable Development, European Internal Market, European Union Institutions, Gender and Discrimination, Global Governance, Human Rights, International Law, International Trade, Migration and Refugees, Public Services and Social Services


Daniele Gallo is qualified as Associate Professor of International Law and EU Law and Senior Researcher at the Law Department of Luiss University. Since May 2016 he is also Adjunct Professor of EU Law at the School of Law of American University (Washington DC).

He joined Luiss Law Faculty in 2011. He currently teaches EU Law (English) as well as EU Internal Market (English) and has previously taught International Economic Law and International Environmental Law. At Luiss he sits on the Governing Council of the School of Government, is the academic coordinator of the dual degrees with Fordham Law School and American University School of Law, is the Deputy Director of the joint MA/LLM in Law and Government of the European Union, and is a member of the Ph.D. Faculty as well as of the Summer Programme on Europe’s Faculty (Luiss/Paris Dauphine).

He holds a degree in Law (magna cum laude and special mention) and a Ph.D. in International and EU Law (special mention) both from Sapienza University (Rome). Prior to or during his Ph.D. he specialized in International and EU Law at Hague Academy of International Law (The Hague), World Trade Institute (Berne), Academy of European Law (Florence), and Salzburg Law School (Salzburg).

He has been Professor invitado at Universidad de La HabanaProfesseur invité at Université Capitole de Toulouse, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Global Governance Studies (Leuven), European Union Fulbright Schuman Scholar at Fordham Law School (New York), DAAD Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Public International Law and Comparative Law (Heidelberg), and Jean Monnet Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence).

He was guest/invited speaker and/or lecturer at several institutions in Europe and US, such as, amongst others, EUI (Florence), Italian Society for International Law (Genoa), NYU School of Law, Fordham Law School (NY), King’s College (London), University of Oslo, KU Leuven, University of Lisbon, Université de la Bretagne Occidentale(Brest), University of Milan, University of Parma, University of Teramo.

He has been a member of the Steering Committee for the joint United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s 2013 Sustainability Report entitled Carrots and Sticks – Promoting Transparency and Sustainability, and acted, in 2015, as a legal Advisor for the Italian Ministry for Economic Development for the drafting of a study on the investor-State arbitration clause in the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).

Prof. Gallo is member of several journals’ editorial boards, co-editor of a book on Same-Sex Couples before National, Supranational and International Jurisdictions (Springer, Berlin, 2014, Foreword by G. de Burca, 572 pp. – reviewed in journals such as International Journal of Constitutional Law, Revue critique de droit international privéItalian Yearbook of International LawStudi sull’integrazione europea, Diritto Pubblico), author of a monograph on I servizi di interesse economico generale. Stato, Mercato e Welfare nel diritto dell’Unione europea (Giuffrè, Milan, 2010, 860 pp. – reviewed in journals such as, amongst others, Common Market Law ReviewLegal Issues of Economic IntegrationRevue du Droit de l’Union européenneRivista trimestrale di diritto pubblicoDiritto comunitario e degli scambi internazionali), as well as of over 50 contributions on International and EU Law published in various edited books (Edward Elgar, Brill/Martinus Nijhoff, Springer Verlag, Eleven International, Cambridge University Press, Kluwer International, Sweet and Maxwell etc.) and law journals, such as, amongst others, European Business Law ReviewFordham International Law JournalAmerican University International Law ReviewInternational Organizations Law ReviewEuropean Journal of Social LawAnnuaire de droit de l’Union européenneRevue des affaires européennesand Revue du Droit de l’Union européenne, in addition to several Italian law journals (Il Diritto dell’Unione europeaStudi sull’integrazione europeaDiritto del commercio internazionaleRivista italiana di diritto pubblico comunitarioDiritti umani e diritto internazionale, etc.).

Attorney-at-Law, he has pleaded before the European Court of Human Rights, the UNIDROIT Administrative Tribunal and the ILO Administrative Tribunal.

Prof. Gallo had media appearances in leading newspapers, news agencies and broadcasters, such as Reuters, ADNKronos, Il Mattino, Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek.


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