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Starting in the 2014-2015 extraordinary session, if a student passes two exams in the same session, one of which is a prerequisite for the other, both will be considered valid, regardless of the order in which they were taken.

On the other hand, if a student taking two such exams does not pass the exam for the prerequisite course, the other exam taken will be annulled by Decree of the Provost (as the required prerequisite will not have been met).

Please note: all attachments are in Italian

propedeuticità_per_gli studenti_immatricolati _fino AA_2004-2005.pdf13.36 KB
propedeuticità A.A.2010-2011 - 8 febbraio 2011.pdf39.39 KB
propedeuticità A.A.2011-2012 - 5 aprile 2011.pdf41.03 KB
propedeuticità A.A.2012-2013.pdf41.95 KB
Propedeuticità A.A. 2013-2014.pdf55.82 KB
Propedeuticità A.A. 2014-2015 per anno giunta 5 marzo 2014.pdf58.77 KB