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PhD Structure and Courses

The entire length of the program is three years, each worth 60 credits, for a total of 180 credits.

The first semester of the first year consists of the following common courses:

  • Constitutional values and enterprise (10 hours – 4 credits);
  • Public regulation of enterprise (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Collective agreements and business systems (25 hours – 10 credits);
  • Justice and functioning of the economy (25 hours – 10 credits).

There will also be a technical class on the use of legal databases.

The second semester of the first year consists of the following courses:

  • Economic analysis of the law (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Alternative dispute resolutions (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Administrative liability resulting from crimes of companies, institutions, and associations even without legal personality (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Organization, liability and tax burdens in groups of companies (20 hours – 8 credits);

The third semester consists of the following courses:

  • International jurisdiction: courts and tribunals (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Liberalization processes and competition (20 hours – 8 credits);
  • Methods of financing an enterprise (20 hours – 8 credits).

From the fourth semester onwards, PhD students will be committed to planning and writing their doctoral dissertations.