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Pre-program courses

Luiss University offers intensive pre-program courses, both on campus and on the University's e-learning platform, to give students the opportunity to acquire specific skills on fundamental topics that will not be covered during the degree program. The courses are divided as follows:

  • Online pre-program courses on transversal skills
  • Online pre-program courses on academic skills

Online pre-program courses on transversal skills

  • Logic
  • Sustainable Development

Both courses are highly recommended for students in Economics and Business, Economics and Management, Management and Computer Science, and Political Sciences.


The Logic pre-program course aims to analyze and develop though and language to acquire skills in analysis and logic to help students reason in a direct manor. Participants develop the necessary awareness to understand thought constructions and to structure thought step by step, from the introduction to the conclusion.

The course contains some fundamental theory to help students understand practical instruments and apply them in all areas of study.

For more information, students may write to

Sustainable Development

In line with the recent global movement developing in response to emerging questions on the sustainablity of the current model of development, Luiss is on the front line to diffuse information and awareness on important themes linked to Sustainability.

The pre-program course touches on key themes in the UN Agenda 2030, published in 2015.

The new Agenda recognizes the need to build peaceful, just and inclusive societies, that offer equal access to justice and are based on the respect of human rights (including the right to development), on the rule of law on good government at all levels and responsible, effective and transparent institutions.

The 17 Goals for Sustainable Development and the 169 targets are the conceptual framework of the examination of the three dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

In the last module of the course, students will discuss some key themes of migration and a wide, integrated vision of geopolitics.

A special focus is dedicated to Demograpy and its impact and implications in social and economic dynamics at the global level.

Pre-program courses on academic skills

Multimedia courses: ECDL

Luiss offers students the chance to take a modular multimedia course on the basic use of It insturments in order to obtain the European Computer Driving Licence, the ECDL.

The modules are available on the University's Moodle platform. To access, use your Luiss credentials (username: Enter the Digital Skills section of the home page and select ECDL video courses.

To pass the exam in Legal Informatics, students must have passed the following ECDL modules: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentation.

Further information is available on the following pages:

The platform is available from July 2019.

E-learning pre-program courses

Focusing on themes that are important to several degree programs, the courses are open to all students from all departments and fields. To participate, students must have passed the admission test and have a Luiss email account to access the platform.

How to access e-learning pre-program courses

Starting from July 2019, use your Luiss email credentials ( to access the e-learning platform.

First-year students will receive their Luiss email credentials in July 2019.

The platform is accessible from any computer with a web browser and internet connection.

For assistance with the e-learning platform write to