Summer Exam Session a.y. 2022/2023

Summer Exam Session a.y. 2022/2023

The Summer Exam Session (May 11, 2023 – June 27, 2023) will be held on campus in the different University venues.

The dates of the exams can only be consulted from your personal Web Self Service page.

Please note that booking for exams is mandatory and binding for the purpose of taking them; it is carried out from the Web Self Service in the 'Exams - available dates' section within 5 days from the exam date. In case of written and oral examinations, it is necessary to book both the written and the oral exam (even if they are held in the same day) and, should you decide not to sit the exam anymore, it is mandatory to cancel your booking.

It will be possible to book your exams through the Web Self Service starting from April 26, 2023.

To book the exams it is mandatory to be in good standing with the administrative position.

The dates of the exams may be subject to variations; therefore it is advisable to always check the Web Self Service to ensure no scheduling conflicts may arise a few days before the exam date.

An exam is considered passed only once the grade has been registered on the student’s record. The exams, of which one preparatory to the other, if passed, recorded and registered in the career with a favorable outcome, in the same session will be considered valid, regardless of the order in which they are taken, with the exception of the single-cycle Master's Degree Course in Law where compliance with the prerequisites will also be asserted within the same exam session.