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Head: Aldo Sandulli

BETKOSOL aims to investigate the limits and perspectives of an improvement of the current regulatory framework in the fight against frauds affecting EU financial interests, in particular in the social, health, and economic sectors, and taking into account how the COVID-19 crisis may affect the status quo. The first step is a legal analysis, both at the EU level of government and at selected national experiences (Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Poland) in a comparative perspective. The MS are chosen for their different economic, administrative, and welfare systems. They also vary in terms of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. This will ensure greater awareness of the European context. The second is to study how the COVID-19 crisis modifies the multilevel framework. In this view, BETKOSOL will examine the new multiannual financial framework, especially public procurement for sanitary equipment in ESM and RF expenditures; EUSF; SURE; ESF; EIF; ERASMUS+. The third step is to highlight the new risks and causes of fraud, considering that the extreme historical contingencies provide a newfangled point of view to show challenges with the protection of the EU’s financial interests in quite ‘new’ sectors. These steps will be analyzed transversely in the first 3 correspondents WP’s and through a mixed-method (doctrinal/empirical). The WP4 (better regulation) will be based on the outputs from the previous ones (better knowledge and funding).

This project has been funded by the European Union's HERCULE III programme.


Head: Fernando Christian Iaione

The ENGAGE EU R-I project reinforces and expands the R&I component of the ENGAGE.EU European University, launched in 2020 and selected for funding under ERASMUS+. In particular, the project aims to lay the foundations for more engaged and more effective research and innovation ecosystems at partner and alliance level, taking a holistic, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary perspective. In addition, the Alliance will develop and test a common ENGAGE.EU R&I Strategy, a rolling Thematic Challenge-based Agenda and a series of Action Plans to be executed by the individual partners and the Alliance as a whole, in cooperation with internal and external partners and stakeholders in the ENGAGE.EU R&I Ecosystems.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035807.


Head: Fernando Christian Iaione

Gaps between political decision-making processes and citizens has become increasingly visible in Europe, particularly since the EU’s post-Millennial economic, political and security crises. In addition, general distrust of politics has been exacerbated by populist and neo-nationalist political forces that interpret the pluralistic and agnostic nature of democracy as a weakness. These and similar tendencies could have grave consequences through a further erosion of multicultural conviviality and social cohesion in Europe. Nevertheless, populism and political disaffection on a more general level are being met by counter currents of local political activism and an increasing consciousness of the political role of social movements in cities and urban areas. Cities have emerged as vital political arenas for the development of the European public sphere and the promotion of inclusion, social agendas and active citizenship. In addition, different forms of citizen participation have started to transform governance cultures of several large European cities, taking active roles in local elections, and becoming part of local political structures, from Paris to Istanbul. Based on several case studies and pilots of governance innovation initiatives EUARENAS aims to investigate the ways in which social movements coupled with local government reform initiatives create momentum for political change that include more inclusive and participatory forms of governance.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 959420.

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