National Projects

Come individuare e contrastare operazioni coordinate di disinformazione in Italia - Casi di studio e indicazioni di policy per istituzioni pubbliche e private - Secondo ciclo di ricerca

Head: Antonino Gullo

The aim of the project - in continuity with the first research cycle - is to contribute to the development of a new theoretical framework of international politics that is adequate to understand and analyze coordinated disinformation operations in Italy. The long-term objective is therefore to contribute to the organization and consolidation of a research area which, especially in the Italian scientific debate, is currently still in the preliminary phase (i.e., the empirical study of coordinated disinformation operations). The key short-term objective is instead to draw up a practical manual including guidelines and policy indications to prevent or contain the effects of coordinated disinformation operations in the Italian context, whether they are carried out by state or private actors.

Criminal Compliance and New Technologies

Head: Antonino Gullo

The use of big data analytics and artificial intelligence software is an emerging trend in preventing the risk of offenses being committed within companies and, in general, complex organizations. The research project intends to focus on the problematic scenario of a possible automation of criminal compliance, starting from the consideration that, in this field, theoretical problems and implications of a practical nature have not been investigated until now. The proposed research is therefore aimed at analyzing the benefits and risks deriving from the use of these systems, framing these practices within the "general categories" of the entity's criminal liability in a comparative perspective and identifying solutions that may allow, particularly in the private sector, to use similar innovative prevention methods while minimizing the risks of incurring sanctions.

Open Tech Lab - Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti

Head: Fernando Christian Iaione

The project, led by Rome Capital, will create a physical innovation space - Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti - at Tiburtina Station, where teams of researchers, startups and SMEs can make proposals to develop, implement and bring to market solutions based on 5G, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, as well as take part in technology transfer programs, informative workshops and networking activities with companies operating in the field.

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Research Office


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