Prin 2020

RE.S.TO.R.E. - Recovering the State Towards a Reformed Economy

Head: Aldo Sandulli

The RE.S.TO.R.E - Recovering the State Towards a Reformed Economy project proposes to achieve five interwoven objectives: to verify the modalities and the specific weight of the action of the European institutions in the general redefinition of public intervention in the economy, with particular reference to the Next Generation EU and its interpretation in the various nations; analysis of the junctures and timing of the institutional management of Italy’s recovery and resilience plan, on which the relaunch of the national economic system over the next five years should be based; investigation of the specific contribution of the State in the promotion and realisation of infrastructures as indispensable vectors of any other major long-term investment; mapping and critically investigating the repeated and different occasions on which the public authorities take action to guarantee the security of economic systems from predatory acquisitions, with particular attention to the various national and supranational disciplines of 'golden power'; identifying in detail the system of Italian public shareholdings and its overall redefinition, also in the light of the new role that important national institutions can play in the recovery period, such as the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, and local authorities.

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Research Office


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