Observatory of Intellectual Property, Competition and Communication (OPICC)

Director: Prof. Gustavo Ghidini (gghidini@luiss.it)

Reference center: DREAM

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The OPICC, Observatory of Intellectual Property, Competition and Communications, intends to follow and comment on the main regulatory events, judicial interventions and expressions of category self-discipline in the areas of patents for inventions and models, trademarks, commercial advertising, biotechnologies and plant innovations, the protection of software and semiconductor topographies, the discipline of competition and copyright relating to intellectual creations intended for the goods and services market, with particular reference to the activity of Competition and Market Authority. The Observatory also monitors the telecommunications, information and media and electricity sectors on the same fronts, and studies the problems related to the liberalization of the gas sectors and local public services. The primary reference is the Italian legal system, in constant connection with the European and international scenario.

The OPICC also carries out professional training activities for legal experts in intellectual property, competition and regulation of public utility services and consultancy and cognitive support activities both with respect to the presentation or criticism of draft laws or regulations currently being presented or for discussion in the competent legislative bodies (national, community and international), and with respect to their elaboration in the various sectors of the subjects of interest.

The OPICC edits the annual magazine "Concorrenza e mercato" (ISSN 1720-2698), published by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre, peer review journal classified since 2011 as a "A" category magazine for Area 12. The volume indices since 2002, as well as previews of all contributions from 2009 up to the latest issue are available on the Observatory website.

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Research Office


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