Judiciary and the Rule of Law. Can Judges Prevent Democratic Backsliding?

24 Ott 2023 - 17:45 / 19:15

15, Via Parenzo

Speaker: Katarzyna Jachimowicz , University of Toruń

Chair: Prof.ssa Cristina Fasone (Luiss Guido Carli)


The purpose of the seminar is to provide an opportunity for participants to understand how Polish judges have been struggling with the crisis of the rule of law and what price they have been paying for defending independence of the judiciary instead of accommodating the demands of the rulers. The second goal is to reflect on the dilemmas of Polish judges by answearing several relevant questions. Why have some judges made an effort to exercise dispersed constitutional review after 2015? Why have they taken a difficult task to involve the two European tribunals in protecting the Polish Constitution? And finally, do Polish judges have enough authority to effectively defend the rule of law?

About the Speaker

Katarzyna Jachimowicz, former student of the Master in International Public Affairs (MIPA) of the Luiss School of Government and currently Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at the Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń (Poland). She has collaborated with the "Vittorio Bachelet” Research Center on Public Administration, contributing to a comparative law research in the field of cooperation of municipalities in Poland. Now she is a member of the research team of the Horizon project RED-SPINEL (“Responding to Emerging Dissensus: Supranational Instruments & Norms of European Liberal Democracy”). Fields of expertise: Polish and Italian constitutional law, local government law, civic partecipation/direct democracy instruments.